Condos, Everything You Should Know (en anglais)

This guide only applies to divided co-ownership. With the help of this book, the future "condo" buyer will acquire or complete his or her knowledge so as to conduct a serious process leading to an enlightened buying decision. For the reader who is already a co-owner, this book may have a positive influence on the manage ment and conservation of his or her immovable. As for the members of the board of directors of the syndicate of co-ownership, they will be able to better understand their obligations towards the community of co-owners, as well as the limits to their powers and responsibilities. For their part, managers will find plenty of information in this book allowing them to expand their knowledge. 

Table of contents
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André Benoît, conseiller en gestion
Yves Joli-Cœur, lawyer
Yves Papineau, lawyer 

Wilson & Lafleur 


Number of pages
202 pages